Why Men Get Erections
First Thing in the Morning
And what is wrong if they don’t

morning erections make a differenceIt never occurred to Ron Masson, 33, that he was no longer having an erection first thing in the morning like he used to. “I thought it was one of those teen age things that you get. Like an erection out of nowhere and the teacher decides to ask you to stand up and answer a question right then”, he said laughing.

The lack of a morning erection is actually a sad indicator of the direction of a man’s sexual capabilities. The answer to a common pillow talk question of why men have an erection first thing in the morning is rather simple…

Testosterone levels are at there highest first thing in the morning. Morning erections are fueled by the burning and bursting of testosterone. The problem for guys like Ron is that as men age there testosterone levels gradually start to dip. The stress of a hectic work schedule and other life worries can also lead to the disappearing morning erection.

The effects of the gradual loss of testosterone on sexual performance can be devastating to men when it is going or gone. Sex drive producing testosterone is what separates the boys from the men and the men from the older men.

During puberty, testosterone levels are at their lifetime peak. They begin to decline around the age of 23 and plunge after age 50. Despite the stereotype that women are more likely to dodge sex, it’s often the men who go into hiding.

Morning Erections and Testosterone Levels

Normal testosterone levels maintain energy level, healthy mood, fertility, sexual desire and morning erections. The lack or loss of testosterone, however, causes increasing memory loss and mild mental confusion emerging in middle aged men. Without a good supply of testosterone, erections are inevitably weaker.

testosterone levels on morning erectionsLuckily, this problem can be reversed relatively easily. The two most effective ways to naturally increase testosterone output is to exercise and take testosterone enhancing supplements.

Men need to exercise at least 4 times a week. This means getting to the point where they are breathing heavily. A walk across the golf course is not going to cut it. Testosterone is a use it or lose it hormone. Jogging, swimming or hitting the gym can help put the sex life back on course.

Testosterone enhancing formulas like African Fly (www.AfricanFly.com) are very effective at naturally releasing testosterone that is already in your system. This liquid formula can be taken before exercising and before sex. These are the 2 times when your body needs more testosterone for better performance.

The combination worked rather quickly for Ron. “I started going to the gym and riding the bike to work up a sweat while taking African Fly to improve my work outs”, says Ron. “It was actually my wife that first noticed the erections in the morning. She gives me incentive to keep up my new routine.”

Michael Ward, Fly Zones Staff Writer