Intensify Your Sex Drive, Stamina & Orgasms

What Is African Fly?

African Fly is a liquid aphrodisiac made from 8 herbs designed to make sex feel better for women and men.

It will…

  • Increase your sex drive
  • Make it easier to get aroused
  • Help you last as long as you want
  • Intensify your orgasms

Everything You Need To Know About African Fly

by Sexual Performance Coach “Uncle B”

Watch this video to get a complete breakdown including:

  • How It Works
  • How Long It Takes
  • How To Take It
  • How It Works On Women
  • Who Shouldn’t Take African Fly

African Fly Explained

The African Fly Experience

How African Fly Works

Sexual Energy Fuel

Your body makes testosterone from the foods you eat*.  The higher the nutrition the more testosterone production can increase your  sexual performance.

Your testosterone is naturally stimulated by the nutrients in the 8 herbs in African Fly.

This liquid formula gets nutrients into your bloodstream fast for results you can feel with in an hour in most cases.

* “High Testosterone Foods”  –

African Fly & Women

  What Happens When You Take African Fly?



Increase sexual urges

More vaginal lubrication

Intense orgasms / multiple orgasms



Boost sex drive

Harder & longer erections

Last longer & get back up faster



Sensitive to touches

Sexual stamina

Energy to explore

African Fly and Men

Bringing Erections Back

If you feel anxious about sex because of weak erections that don’t last long or aren’t as large, then you need to try African Fly.

It increases the frequency and hardness of your erections & drives up your sexual stamina.  It will also increase your size over time.

African Fly helps your workouts by increasing your endurance so you can run longer and lift more.  It also helps men with testosterone related diseases like diabetes, lupus and high blood pressure.

What Else Can African Fly Do For You?

0824-couple-snuggling-in-bed_liWhen a woman takes African Fly she will…

  • Fantasize about sex more often
  • Relax sexual inhibitions
  • Have stronger sexual urges
  • Create more vaginal lubrication
  • Feel skin to skin contact as more erotic
  • Be more sensitive in her erogenous zones
  • Want sex to last longer
  • Have more intense and possibly multiple orgasms


kissingYour libido, sex drive, sexual performance all comes down to the same thing…testosterone.  It is the bursting and burning of testosterone that fuels erections.  The more you have the longer you can have sex.  

But it goes way beyond that… The sexual response cycle includes thinking about sex, becoming aroused easily, being more sensitive to touch, getting an erection, maintaining it, lasting longer and getting backup faster… that is all  testosterone too. With a natural boost of testosterone you have confidence knowing that you are always ready for sex.

Male Enlargement

heartDespite the insane e-mails male enhancement is an important health issue.  Keeping the largest penis size you can as you age is a sign of good health. The opposite is also true… If you have few to no erections, it is one of the first signs of clogged arteries and possible heart disease.  Penis shrinkage will follow.

You won’t grow 4 inches in 4 weeks but you can grow 30% larger with testosterone to fuel your erections and having the proper information for eating and working out. Quick hint:  More than 25 grams of sugar a day will kill your testosterone levels and your penis size.  Now look at how much sugar is in a health bar or anything tasty out of 7-11.


iritatingbitchNew studies show that supplements of testosterone can aid certain types of memory in men including… 1) Working memory – use information over brief periods of time. 2) Verbal memory – helps you recall lists of words 3) Spatial memory – helps you navigate a route Scientists found that compared with healthy men, those with Alzheimer’s Disease have lower levels of testosterone. Another group found that testosterone supplements improved verbal and spatial memory in a small group of men with AD.


imagesOlder men with low levels of testosterone may have an increased long-term risk of death compared to men with normal testosterone, according to a new study. “This is the first report linking low levels of testosterone with earlier death in relatively healthy older men,” said Gail Laughlin, assistant professor at the University of California San Diego. This study involved 794 men, ages 50 to 91 years. Men whose total testosterone levels at the beginning of the study were in the lowest 25% were 40% more likely to die over the next 18 years than those with higher levels.

The Ingredients That Make A Powerful Aphrodisiac

Cinnamon (Europe)

Gently encourages increased digestion increasing the potency of other herbs & is a mild aphrodisiac.

Cola Nut (Africa)

Boosts energy levels and increases stamina & enhances enjoyment of the sexual experience.

Cloves (Europe)

Improves absorption of ingredients in African Fly & has a history as an aphrodisiac in China and Sweden.

Ginger (Asia)

Calms excess nervous tension, stimulates circulation & has a strong reputation as an aphrodisiac.

Nutmeg (Europe)

Used in many countries as an aphrodisiac and is highly prized for its ability to extend the sexual act.

Yohimbe (Africa)

Enhances sexual prowess, amplifies erotic sensation, increases libido & increases stamina.

The Love It 100% Guarantee

We know you hate to make a mistake and we also know not one product will work for everyone.  That is why we have The Love It 100% Guarantee.

Try it for 60 days and if you do not love African Fly, just call or e-mail us and we will happily refund 100% of your money.

After working with over 46,700 clients all over the world like you, we are totally confident that African Fly will do everything we say it will.

African Fly helps improve sex

Try African Fly Today…

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you take African Fly?

African Fly is a liquid extract. To take it, simply fill the included dropper top, place the liquid into a cup of water or juice, and drink.

For a faster effect.  Place the liquid directly under your tongue; hold it there for 5-10 seconds and then swallow. It is better to take African Fly before meals or on an empty stomach to help it absorb better into your system.

Will African Fly work for women?

African Fly is safe for use by women on an occasional basis. Women who have low sexual desire, or trouble becoming excited during sex, will find it very helpful. Women can use it 3-5 times a week safely. Women should not use African Fly daily for more than 1 month.

Is African Fly safe?

The overwhelming majority of men who take African Fly experience no unwanted side effects. The only occasional unwanted side effect is sleeplessness if taken right before bed.

We recommend that unless you plan on sexual activity that night, you should avoid taking LTF6 before going to bed. It is a very energizing herbal formula and may keep you awake.

African Fly and other supplements

There have been no tests on the effect of African Fly in conjunction with other supplements. Although many men use African Fly safely along with other health products, there is no specific assurance as to the effects of such combined therapy.

If you still want to use other health supplements, we suggest that you start with low servings of the other supplement. Also, you should add one supplement at a time; no “GNC binges.“