How Does African Fly Work?

African Fly boosts your sexual endurance and health as well as intensifying your orgasms. How can one formula do all these things for both men and women? The answer lies in the formulation which improves three aspects of the human body: testosterone levels, blood flow and nerve stimulation. These three natural processes increase sex drive and stamina, and most sexual issues are eradicated by improving any (or all) of these processes.

How to Improve Sexual Health & Stamina Using African Fly

Process 1:  Testosterone

The Driving Factor of Your Sexual Desire and Stamina

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Testosterone increases your sexual desire and performance more than any other hormone in the human body.

Increased Sexual Desire – You will enjoy sex more often than ever before and want your partner on a more regular basis. Not only will your sexual relationship improve, you’ll also see a happier partnership and more open communication about both of your sexual needs.

Increased Stamina – Unfortunately, a fair amount of people believe sex only lasts a few minutes. Once you add African Fly to repertoire, you’ll discover sex can last much longer than your used to—and you can please your partner all night long.

How African Fly Helps: African Fly naturally stimulates your body to release the testosterone already present in men and women’s bodies.

African Fly Herbal Components: Coryanthe Yohimbe, Cola Acuminata, Myristica Fragrans

Process 2: Nerve Stimulation

Increased Pleasure and Stronger Orgasms


Increase nerve sensitivity makes your orgasms stronger and more pleasurable.

Fast Acting – Unlike other medications that need to be taken in the morning, African Fly makes you ready for sex in as little as 30 minutes. You take African Fly when you’re ready to have sex instead of when you may have it.

Powerful Orgasms – Your orgasms will intensify to take your pleasure to all new heights on a constant basis. You’ll also be able to experience more than one orgasm, with each one becoming more intense than the last.

Continuous Erections – You’ll be able to form an erection quickly after an orgasm, meaning you’ll be able to have sex more than once per night. Partner didn’t orgasm the first time? No problem! With African Fly, you’ll be ready to go again soon.

How African Fly Helps: African Fly increases the nerve sensitivity in erogenous zones which means more pleasureful sex and intense orgasms.

African Fly Herbal Components:
Smilax Aristolochaefolia, Cinnamomum Cassia, Syzygium Aromaticum

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Process 3: Blood Flow

Improve Sexual Health

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Increased blood flow means stronger, firmer erections in men and more vaginal lubrication in women.

Improved Vaginal Lubrication: Pardon the pun, but increased blood flow gets the juices flowing. When more blood enters the vaginal era, it significantly increases the amount of lubrication produced by the vagina.

Reduces the Cause of Impotence: Did you know most cases of impotence are caused by atherosclerosis (cholesterol plaque in blood vessels)? Increasing blood flow to the penis reduces this plaque buildup.

Maintain Erections – Erections form due to blood flowing to the penis via special nerve cells. African Fly stimulates these nerve cells to pump more blood into the penis, meaning stronger, fuller erections.

How African Fly Helps: By increasing blood flow to erogenous zones, Africa Fly users experience improved sexual health and have better, more pleasureful sex.

African Fly Herbal Components:
Turnera Diffusa, Zingiber Officinale