Safety Issues

Who should avoid taking African Fly?

We at African Fly monitor success rates to see who should not take African Fly. Though we would love to have everyone try African Fly, we do not want to waste the time or effort of anyone who African Fly may not help.

People with the following conditions should avoid using African Fly.

Men using MAO inhibitor drugs, usually for Parkinsons disease. African Fly carries a small but real chance of reducing the effectiveness of this medication. Some people using MAO inhibitor drugs may not be in good enough physical health to engage in sexual intercourse. Please speak with a physician before taking steps to restart or increase sexual activity.

Men with severely high or low blood pressure or those recovering from a heart attack. In recommended doses, African Fly may help many with these conditions, but there is a chance that African Fly will slightly enhance or decrease the effectiveness of medications used to treat these conditions. You should be sure that your health can sustain the added exertion of sexual activity before taking African Fly.

Can I take African fly if I have Diabetes?

In general, African Fly poses no danger to Diabetics; in fact it may be helpful. We do have clients who are Diabetic and find the formula very helpful. However, we suggest that anyone under medical supervision first consult with his or her physicians before using African Fly.

If you are currently taking prescription drugs to treat your Diabetes, African Fly may interfere with or enhance the effectiveness of those medications. African Fly increases blood circulation to the penis and improves blood circulation in general. Since Diabetes impairs blood circulation, may people with Diabetes are prescribed medications that increase circulation. Taking both African Fly and a blood circulation medication may feel a bit uncomfortable. This is why we suggest that you consult your physician. If you decide to use African Fly, we suggest starting with low doses to test your tolerance.

You should also know that men with Diabetes usually need to take African Fly longer before seeing the high level of results. This is also true for heavy smokers and men with a health condition that reduces blood circulation. A big part of how African Fly works involves blood flow and circulation to the penis.

What effects does African Fly have on women?
The effect of African Fly on women is an increase in sexual desire and pleasure. For some women, after a few months of daily use they may become much more aggressive sexually.

Women have very little testosterone in comparison to men, so a slight increase in this hormone can cause strong changes in womens sexual desire. African Fly does not contain any hormones, but it does improve the function and availability of testosterone already in the body. Because African Fly has a balancing effect, there is no threat of unwanted hormonal changes such as facial hair, deeper voice, or any physical changes. The effect is natural but some women do not like having a very high libido.

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