African Fly

Legendary Liquid Aphrodisiac

The 8 herbs in the African Fly work in combination to feed your body the optimum amount of nutrition to stimulate your body’s natural production of testosterone. This happens in your hypothalamus (for women and men) and testes (for men).

constantbottle3It comes in a 4 ounce bottle with a convenient squeeze dropper top. One bottle will last over a month with regular use. To create such an effective formula for you, we use 8 scientifically selected organic herbs. We use the greatest amount of herb possible and age the liquid extracts for an extra three months to maximize the potency of the final product.

African Fly’s natural liquid formula goes straight into your system to increase your libido whether you have a sexual health issue or not. Just add it to your favorite drink. It only takes 30 to 60 minutes to feel your libido begin to build. African Fly does have a strong taste because we do not cut it with anything.

You can use it in your favorite tea or juice to improve the taste. The most common side effect is that it will take longer to fall asleep if you take it late in the evening without exercising. You did just tell your body to get ready for sex.

Research shows that African Fly and testosterone has remarkable benefits…

Better sex is just one of the most obvious ones.  As we have pointed out in FlyZones Magazine and our books, your sexual health is based on your general health.  Fortunately African Fly helps you with both….


  • Increases your desire for sex, gives you better workouts, makes you feel stronger and younger with no side effects, love making is more passionate and intensifies orgasms for more pleasure.  It also helps people with diabetes and lupus, restores stronger memory and aids in weight loss


  • Returns men to morning erections, increases erection frequency, brings back spontaneous erections, stronger looking and feeling penis, boost ability to ejaculate further, increases amount of ejaculate, reduces refractory period so men get back up faster after orgasm for more sex, can increase penis size up to 30% with regular use, reduces irritability (Cranky Old Man Syndrome) and helps retain or increase muscle mass


  • Increases sexual fantasies, lowers sexual inhibitions, boost vaginal lubrication, raises sexual sensitivity and stimulates erogenous zones for greater pleasure

Understand what you are getting…

herbs-tincturesSex pills, patches and lotions have incredible claims with websites that use clever tricks to get your wallet open.  Be careful.  There is a reason why so many marketers sell pills.  They are cheap to make.

Many of the manufacturers do not market their product themselves and rely on marketers who are more interested in their profit than your sexual health. You will see that African Fly is not listed on the many comparison sites simply because we do not allow unqualified marketers to represent African Fly.

These pills, patches and lotions give you exogenous testosterone which means the testosterone is created from outside of the body. This can lead to many serious health issues. Your body senses the testosterone in your system that it did not create and goes into action to balance the hormones. It will create more estrogen to counter the excess unfamiliar testosterone.

This leads to men developing “man boobs”, “roid rage”, penis shrinkage and infertility. You never needed testosterone from outside of your body and you do not need it now.

Ed Bagley