"I had a freakin' spontaneous erection"

"My wife picks me up from the gym and we are talking in the car.  Then she just reaches down and grabs my Johnson through my shorts.  Then she just looks at me and is like, "Why are you hard"?  I had a freakin' spontaneous erection!  I'm 42 and that hasn't happened since I was 29.  I need another bottle now." 
~ Allen Dobson, Texas (42)

"My workouts are easier"

"I have been taking AF for close to 9 years now.  Mainly for working out and erections and stuff.  That new article you all put out about increasing the dosage has made a big difference.  Not only are my workouts easier and I'm pushing more weight but I stopped having knee problems.  Thanks and keep up the research!" 
~ Steve Calvo, New York (56)

"I told him it was an energy elixir."

After much searching, dating, and critiquing, I finally found the perfect guy. He was tall, handsome, sensitive, and successful. The only problem came when we had sex. He was just not passionate enough, not wild enough, and really did not last long enough.

I heard about African Fly and decided to give him some. I told him it was an energy elixir. Well, all I can say is it works! He was really passionate, and he even seemed a little bigger. We made love all night and half the morning.

Ruth A, Capital Heights MD (33)

"...I thought it was a joke."

"I can't believe this really works. I got African Fly as a Christmas present and I thought it was a joke. I tried it to see if it worked at all, and it does! I've been using it for less than a week and I can already see the difference. This is the best gift anyone could get or give." 
Sam Yosta, Pennsylvania (56)

"I've been spending a small fortune on Viagra..."

"Great stuff you've got there. I've been spending a small fortune on Viagra and let me tell you it gets pretty costly paying ten bucks for every erection. I just got one bottle the first time but now I'm ready for more. Please send some extra brochures with my order. I've told a few buddies about it and they are interested in getting some too."  
S.L., Connecticut, USA

"...put it to good use!"

"I got the Fly about a week ago. To tell you the truth I was pretty skeptical as to whether it would work. I did not feel any real difference the first week, but during the second week I woke up every morning with a damn good hard on.This had not been the case for me for almost two years now. The first time I awoke like this, I was so excited that I started rubbing against my wife. Once she realized why I was waking her, she got this great look in her eyes and demanded that I put it to good use!"  
Rob Bernards, Illinois (44)

"I want an erection, and Boom!"

"The best thing about this stuff for me is that whenever I get hard, I get rock hard. I was never impotent or anything, but sometimes I would want to get hard and I mean really want to get hard, but nothing would happen.Other times I would get hard but not really. Like it wouldn't be all the way up, just a little bit. But now it's automatic. I want an erection, and Boom!, I get an erection and it's always a great one."  
B.A., Toronto, Canada

"...before you know it you're doing [penis] poses in the mirror."

I am absolutely shocked! I was impressed that the sex was much better. When I went back to order more, I read more about the information about increasing your penis size. My girl had said earlier that I felt bigger. I thought that was because the Fly made her more sensitive because she took some too. Looking back it seems I was growing then. I just wasn't paying attention.

It's sort of like growing a plant. You don't really see it grow but before you know it you're doing [penis] poses in the mirror. I am hard a lot more often now. When I'm not my [penis] stays full. Every time I go to the bathroom now I'm pulling out a bigger [penis]. It's great.

I'm about average size. I started taking AF everyday just to see if it would actually make me bigger. Like I said, I'm shocked. It has changed my life. I mean I actually have a bigger [penis]. I can take my time in the gym now. I don't have a damn thing to feel embarrassed about. I even caught this old lady looking at my johnson. I mean I have an extra bulge now. I'm going to have to get roomier pants. It keeps rubbing up against my jeans. It is heavier. I can just sit there and bounce it in my hand. It hangs lower. I have to adjust myself all the time.

My girl likes it too. Oral sex feels better because of the African Fly. Having a little extra size on me gives her more to work with. Sex is definitely better all around.

J. Whitfield, New York, NY

"...sex feels just as good and probably a little better than before."

"My friend always brags about his women. How fine they are, how sexy they are....But about a month ago, my friend started telling stories that I could not believe...talking about these all-night love sessions. About how he could bust [orgasm] and then get hard again in just a few minutes.

I couldn't believe it because personally, when I bust, I'm done for the night. But after a few of these stories I just had to ask him what was up. At first he wouldn't tell me and kept saying, "I just got it like that." I've known him for long enough to know that something else was going on, so I kept at him. Finally he told me about African Fly and sent me to your site.

It sounded a little too good to be true, but I figured I might as well try. Well I guess you know it worked! After 2 weeks I could last probably twice as long as I used to and now I can hold out for a good long time until I've gotten what I came for and I'm ready to stop.

I don't really understand it because the sex feels just as good and probably a little better than before. Still, somehow I'm able to hold out. Anyway, I don't need to understand it, I just need to enjoy it, right?"

K.M., Washington D.C., USA

"A Fly Man for life"

I have been married for nine years and am living the standard married man life. I am in my mid to late thirties. I have a Mortgage, car note and a kid. To put it mildly my sex life with my wife ranked next to washing the toilet or worse the in laws visiting…

A very close friend told me about African Fly… I first told him he was full of sh-t but he insisted that I try and suggested I even give some to my wife with out telling her. Well the next night I was feeling in the mood but she was not. I received the standard I am too tired, may be tomorrow line. I went to sleep horney and with no sex. My life had become the once every six weeks deal and something had to change.

The next day I asked my co-worker to let me try the stuff for the night. He laughed as he gave me the bottle and whispered to me with a big grin "slip it in her drink". Well I came home that night and asked about lovemaking and she said if you catch me before I am asleep ok. But I know the move. You see the game is on and I am not going to miss the NBA play offs. So I took my co-worker's advice and slipped it into a fruit blended drink around 7:45pm.

The game is over at 10:45pm and she would usual be fast asleep but this time she was tossing and turning. I saw she could not sleep so I sat beside her and read my magazine. She after a few minutes looks up at me and asks to make love. People she has never asked. Even in the throws of love making, if you take deliberate time making love it gets your wife even more excited. I mean think about it. I am taking my sweet ass time and it was driving her crazy. She had multiple orgasms in less than 20 minutes.

PS Hell next time I will use it on me.

A Fly Man for life Fort Washington MD

A Fly Man for life, Fort Washington, MD

"I was ready to just say (forget) it..."

"This is my first time writing to a company to say something good. My (penis) is only about 41/2 inches when its hard and almost half that when its soft. I got to admit that I have tried many other methods to grow my penis. In fact I've probably tried 90% of the stuff out there with no results.

I was ready to just say (forget) it and go get the surgery. Then I saw a pretty good review in a newsgroup about African Fly and decided to try one more thing before I went under the knife. I am really glad I did. I've been using African Fly for 4 months and I've gained 1" in length, about .8 in thickness, and a hardness to my erections that I have not had for years.

I know you said that most men get 30% growth, but I think I'll get even more. Oh and my (ejaculation) is incredible. It used to almost dribble out. Now it shoots! Even if I'm on my back, it still goes flying up in the air. All I can say is thanks. To think I almost got the surgery!"

Felix P., Maryland

"...please rush me this order."

"I've been using African Fly for nearly two months now and I'm almost out so please rush me this order. I guess you guys get a bunch of letters like this but I just have to share this with someone.

It's just really funny to me the things I notice now that I'm using African Fly; like when I wear khakis and boxers that are kind of baggy.

Normally, my penis doesn't show at all through my pants, even if I am somewhat hard. But now I walk around all day with my penis almost the same size it is when I am hard. So there is a noticeable bulge in my pants even though it's clear that I'm not hard. I love it when I catch a woman trying to get a quick look or just outright staring at it."

A.G., California, USA

"...my penis seems thicker when it is not hard."

I think it took me six months to decide if I was going to buy your product.  I did not want to buy it, nothing happens, and then feel like a fool.

The first time I used it nothing happened. The second time I used it nothing happened. I was starting to feel foolish, but I kept using it. Well they say the third time is the charm and it was.

When my wife came home, I greeted her with a hug and she asked if I had a banana in my pocket or was I just happy to see her.  My erection was definitely harder and seemed determined to make its way out of my pants.Once I realized that it worked, I started taking it regularly. I have bigger erections now and I have even noticed that my penis seems thicker when it is not hard.
Trevor Smithers, Age 37, Houston, Texas

"...I can see the difference."

I had to send you a quick note of thanks. I got African Fly in the mail about five days ago and I 've been using it everyday almost religiously. After my second dose a got an erection out of nowhere. I was just making a sandwich, I looked out the window, saw my neighbor bend over to pick up something she'd dropped and bam! I had this serious hardon.

I'm not usually so ready for action you know. Since the third day I've been waking up with hard-ons like when I was a kid. And since, every morning there it is, up before I am. My hardons aren't even the same really, they're fuller, and harder.

Jason G., Ohio

Jason Gist, Age 41, Cleveland, Ohio

"I've never seen her so erotic..."

I must say that initially I was highly skeptical of your product. I have seen so many supplement companies make similar claims that I've lost count. I decided to give it a try and see what happens.

I gave my wife 3 droppers and she said the taste was like liquorish. However, I don't think she'll be worrying about the taste anymore. I have been married for 16 years and my wife is extremely conservative and to be honest doesn't seem to enjoy sex.

After taking African Fly she was a different person! Seriously I've never seen her so erotic in all of our 16 years of marriage.

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Larry Brock, Age 43, Teacher, Hyattsville, MD
"I have been taking AF for close to 9 years now. Mainly for working out and erections and stuff. That new article you all put out about increasing the dosage has made a big difference. Thanks and keep up the research!" ~ Steve Calvo, New York (56)
"Let’s start with the good stuff, shall we? The day before, I’d taken two doses of African Fly, unsure it would actually work or make a noticeable difference. The best test would be to turn myself on. Turned on I was. My husband uses it too now to keep up LOL." ~ Kelly Prillaman, Virginia (35)
"My wife picks me up from the gym and we are talking in the car. Then she just reaches down and grabs my Johnson through my shorts. Then she just looks at me and is like, "Why are you hard"? I had a freakin' spontaneous erection! I'm 42 and that hasn't happened since I was 29." ~ Allen Dobson, Texas (42)
"As a retired guy with type 2 diabetes, I truly appreciate African Fly. I thought I wouldn't be able to have sex the way I wanted again. Whenever I go on vacation with my wife I make sure it comes with us. I've tried other pills and nothing comes close." ~ William Calvins, Maryland (67)
"I must say that initially I was highly skeptical of your product. I gave my wife 3 droppers and she said the taste was like liquorish. After taking African Fly she was a different person! Seriously I've never seen her so erotic in all of our 16 years of marriage." ~ Larry Brock, Maryland (43)
"Thanks for putting out something that actually works.  I used to try those gas station pills but this right here is the real deal." ~ Dwight Paul (37)
"It took so much for me to get an erection that my wife just sort of gave up on our sex life.  Now I feel so much more confident that whenever or where ever the mood is right I am good to go. ~ Nick Treeman (52)
I am on my 5th bottle of African Fly for the year and I have been telling all of the fellas about it.  Not saying I had a bunch of problems before but now I have none.  Got my sexy swagger back lol. ~ TJ Banks (28)
"More than anything I just wanted to last longer...and man did I.  The last 3 times we had sex she fell asleep right after.  She treats me way better after I put it on her like that.  I should have been using African Fly years ago." ~ Jeff Anderson (32)
I read the testimonial about morning erections.  I haven't  had one since I was 28.  I took it as a challenge so I took AF on schedule, cut out sugar and got more sleep.  In less than 2 weeks I got my first morning woody in about 2 decades.  My girlfriend thanks you! ~ Mark Yoast (46)