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Online orders
African Fly customers can order online using their credit card. You can use your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit card. You can also use the “Paypal” option using your checking account.


Safe for most
The overwhelming majority of men who take African Fly experience no unwanted side effects. The only occasional unwanted side effect is sleeplessness if taken right before bed. We recommend that unless you plan on sexual activity that night, you should avoid taking African Fly before going to bed. It is a very energizing herbal formula and may keep you awake.

Long-term effects
We have not conducted long term studies on the use of African Fly. However, the African men who have used this herbal formula throughout their lives have shown no signs of side effects or tissue damage. African Fly is a nourishing herbal formula. It strengthens the tissues and blood vessels within the penis, as well as those leading to the penis and it is not addictive.

No damage
You will not damage the blood vessels in your penis by using African Fly. You will not have prolonged erections. African Fly does not cause anything unnatural to occur within your body. You will have erections more frequently, but your erections will go away in a normal manner.

Use caution
Though African Fly is not dangerous alone, it does affect blood circulation and may interfere with those who take medication to treat high or low blood pressure. African Fly will naturally lower your blood pressure because it eases the flow of blood throughout your body. The effect is beneficial for most, but those taking drugs for blood circulation may feel uncomfortable combining African Fly with their current treatment.

If you are currently under medical supervision for a health problem, especially a problem that affect your blood circulation, take to your doctor before using African Fly.

African Fly is a convenient liquid extract. To take it, simply fill the included dropper top, place the liquid into a cup of water or juice, and drink. You can also take African Fly without mixing it in a liquid. Avoid taking African Fly with alcoholic beverages or caffeinated drinks like coffee or soda.

Faster Absorption
For faster absorption (30-40 minutes), take it sublingually. Place the liquid directly under your tongue; hold it there for 5-10 seconds and then swallow. It is better to take African Fly before meals or on an empty stomach to help it absorb better into your system.

Since the dropper tops that come with a bottle of African Fly are large, when we say “dropperful” we really mean that only half of the dropper will be filled after squeezing the dropper top once. A dropperful is equal to a dropper squeeze.

There is a range of appropriate dosing for penile growth. You can take anywhere between 2 – 3 dropper squeezes / 2 – 3 times a day. For instance, you can take:

2 dropper squeezes / 2 times a day (recommended dosage);

2 dropper squeezes / 3 times a day or 3 dropper squeezes / 2 times a day (higher dosages); or

3 dropper squeezes / 3 times a day (maximum dosage).

How long a bottle of African Fly lasts
Keep in mind that a bottle of African Fly will last longer at lower dosage amounts. How long a bottle lasts depends on how high your dosage is. Taking 2 dropper squeezes / 2 times a day will enable you to use one bottle of African Fly for a longer period of time than if you were taking 3 dropper squeezes / 3 times a day. If you prefer to go through a bottle of African Fly at a slower rate, then we encourage you to take the recommended dosage of African Fly.

Options for use
You can take African Fly daily or on a “need-only” basis. The best method for you depends on what results you desire.

If you are using African Fly to enhance your penis and/or erection size, take it 2-3 times each day. This method will allow your body to gradually improve your level of sexual function.

If you are using African Fly to enhance sexual pleasure and performance, take it 1-3 hours before engaging in sexual activity. This method will give you the fast boost you want.

African Fly and other supplements
There have been no tests on the effect of African Fly in conjunction with other supplements. Although many men use African Fly safely along with other health products, there is no specific assurance as to the effects of such combined therapy. If you still want to use other health supplements, we suggest that you start with low servings of the other supplement. Also, you should add one supplement at a time; no “GNC binges.

African Fly and Viagra
For those who are currently taking Viagra, we do not suggest that you use Viagra along with African Fly. If you choose to use Viagra before sex, we recommend that you do not take African Fly at the same time. You do not want to over stimulate your system. Taking African Fly alone is more than enough to achieve the results you are looking for!


Sex drive
Women can use African Fly. Many women find that they feel more comfortable using African Fly only occasionally for a sexual boost. The effect of African Fly on women is an increase in their sexual desire and pleasure. The effect can be very strong and we do not recommend that women use it daily for more than a month.

Women have very little testosterone in comparison to men, so a slight increase in this hormone can cause strong changes in women’s sexual desire. African Fly does not contain any hormones, but it does improve the function and availability of testosterone already in the body. Because African Fly has a balancing effect, there is no threat of unwanted hormonal changes such as facial hair, deeper voice, or any physical changes.

Special cases
None of the ingredients poses a threat to a woman’s sexual health. However, we do not recommend that women who are pregnant or breast feeding use African Fly. A woman’s hormonal system during and just after pregnancy is very delicate and should not be altered without careful medical supervision.


Young People
We do not recommend that men under the age of 18 use African Fly, not because of any health risk, rather simply to allow you to experience adolescence without sexual aids.

Older men
For older men, your age will not hinder you from achieving great results with African Fly. Your results may take longer to achieve if you have reduced general blood flow, or have problems with erectile dysfunction (impotence).

If you are currently under medical supervision for heart problems, high/low blood pressure, or any circulatory problem, consult with your physician about using African Fly. Share the list of African Fly ingredients with your physician before use. 

If you are generally in good health, most adult men of any age can use African Fly safely for years.

Lasting results
The results achieved by African Fly are long lasting, but not necessarily permanent. Some men maintain their results very well, but others notice decreases after they stop using African Fly.

Although your general level of health is a main factor in the effectiveness of our product, having good health does not guarantee that your results will last forever. We find that if results start to diminish, taking African Fly once daily or once every other day helps users maintain their results.

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