How to Use

When Do I Take It?

African Fly helps improve sexYou can take African Fly daily for or on a need-only basis when you just want a sexual boost.

If you use African Fly to increase the size of your penis, you should take it 2-3 times daily. It is important to keep African Fly in your system to promote steady penis growth.

Taken several times a day, African Fly will begin the growth process needed to increase your penis size. Spread out your doses throughout the day. Take it in the morning, then again at mid-day and/or early evening.

This method will allow your body to gradually increase the size and functions of your penis.

If you use African Fly for a boost in your erections and performance, then take it 1-3 hours before the “big event”. If you do not feel enough of a boost the first time you use African Fly, try taking it everyday for one week, then go back to using it only before sex.

What Is The Recommended Dose?

The recommended dose ranges from 2 dropperfuls twice a day, to 3 dropperfuls, three times a day. We recommend you begin with a low dose of one dropperful per dose, then gradually increase your doses to 2 to 3 dropperfuls per dose over the first week.

Some men find that the highest dose causes too much of a reaction (too many erections), so it is important that you use a dose that you find comfortable.

Do not exceed the recommended dose unless you have already taken the highest dose and know you can tolerate the effects. African Fly is a strong herbal formula, so do not take the whole bottle at one time.

How Long Should I Use It?

We recommend that men take African Fly for 3-6 months to achieve permanent results. Men with normal erectile/sexual function and a normal blood circulation will maintain their results. Men who have problems achieving full erections usually need to take African Fly occasionally after their first 3-6 month period in order to maintain their results.

Exactly How Much As A Dropperful?

A full dropper-top is equal to one half teaspoon.

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