Penis Enlargement…How It Works

Lifestyles_Kyng_Condoms_WrapperHaving a bigger penis changes things.

  • You have to buy bigger condoms
  • You can make your penis bigger while inside her during sex to intensify her orgasms
  • When you get up first thing in the morning you are hard
  • All day long you hang lower
  • The bulge in your pants is noticeable
  • Your confidence in everything goes up

After studying penis enlargement for 15 years, I can tell you what works (what you are about to read below) and what doesn’t work (pills that claim you can grow 4 inches in 4 weeks).  Below is all that research rolled up into a Penis Enlargement Practice routine that you can use immediately.

Do I think this will change your life? Yes. It has worked for me so I know first hand. There are not too many guys who can say that “ I am bigger now at 43 than I was at 25”.  The great thing is that once you get it, it is easy to do.

Yes…Penis Enlargement Does Work

After seeing blatantly false ads and penis enlargement SPAM, it is easy to understand why someone would question if it actually works. The good news is… Penis enlargement does work and all it takes is having the right information to get it done.

Once you get and use the information below, you will get bigger. No question about it. But first we have to talk about…

Why You Need Penis Enlargement

If it were up to me, more adults would have a healthy discussion about penis enlargement. A fully enlarged penis is a sign of good health. It not only shows that the penis is working but that your entire cardiovascular system is doing OK. low-t-testosterone-s2-photo-of-men-and-agingWhy? Because the opposite is true.

If you aren’t having erections (which is the first requirement for penis enlargement) then your cardiovascular system is having a major problem that needs to be taken care of. No erections is the first sign that heart attacks, diabetes, stroke, memory loss and more is on the way.

If your penis is not getting larger then it will eventually get smaller. It is called penis atrophy…also known as penis shrinkage. When you see an old man’s muscles, height, memory, and eyesight shrinking…his penis started before all of that.

The Benefits and Side Benefits of Penis Enlargement

Penis enlargement practice is all about health. The healthier you are the bigger you can get which makes being healthy a lot more interesting. The obvious results of penis enlargement practice…

  • A longer, thicker penis
  • It is actually harder
  • The head looks and feels larger
  • The bulging veins deliver more sensations
  • Your girl can seriously feel the difference
  • It hangs heavier when you are not erect

Side benefits includes…

  • Penis control so you can get bigger while inside her to intensify her orgasms.
  • Control over when you want to ejaculate
  • Ejaculate further to show off
  • Increase sexual stamina to last as long as you want
  • Have dramatically intense orgasms
  • Get back up after having an orgasm faster

The Basics (Don’t Skip This)

You may want to start doing penis enlargement practice right away but if you miss the basics you are not going to get the maximum results. Penis enlargement requires testosterone and high blood volume erections. You can’t have erections without testosterone so lets start there.


How testosterone plays a major role in penis enlargementErections are fueled by the bursting and burning of testosterone. No testosterone …no erection. The problem is that we live in an estrogen (female hormone) soaked environment which lowers the amount of testosterone we produce.

If you have seen the 14 year girls who are now built like they are 25, then you have seen what happens when females get too much estrogen. Since men live in the same environment we are getting the same estrogen overload.

It comes from estrogen enhanced chickens, pesticides sprayed on fruits and vegetables that mimic estrogen plus the incredibly high amounts of salt and sugar that beats down our testosterone production.

Throw in sitting down for most of the day with little sunlight and eating a piece of cow or chicken in most meals and there is no wonder that there are a ton of testosterone pills on the market.

Naturally men lose about 1% of testosterone a year from roughly age 25. And lots of different medicines can lower your testosterone too. With this downward cycle your granddaddy probably had a lot more testosterone than you do now when he was your age.

So increasing testosterone is key for your health, erections, and penis enlargement. For penis enlargement it means…

411px-Anatomy_of_the_human_penisHigh Blood Volume Erections

There are 4 stages to an erection:

  1. Firmness – starts to move and become erect
  2. Swelling – an erection but barely hard enough for penetration
  3. Hardness – the full erection where you have sex most of the time
  4. Heat – right before ejaculation and you are at your largest

To get bigger you have to expand the penis from the inside so you can continually grow. You do that by getting in and staying in the Heat stage as long as possible. It can be easily practiced during masturbation.

You get to your largest size in the Heat stage during sex. Without practice it is also where you have the least control.

How Long Does It Take?

Penis enlargement is not about time but consistency. This is something you have to pay attention to for your the rest of your life. Increase your testosterone and practice regularly so you can get and stay larger.  You also have to do both at the same time because…

  1. If you got an increase in testosterone without doing the basic penis enlargement practices then it will get bigger but not to its largest.
  2. If you do basic penis enlargement practices without an increase in testosterone the same thing will happen. You will get bigger but not to your largest.

The Science of Penis Enlargement

Keeping an erection at its hardest for as long as you can increases blood flow to keep testosterone burning inside the spongy penile tissues. This tissue must have enough of the following hormones in the blood for 20 minutes… hormones help within the penis for enlargement


  • For faster healing after the tissues are stretched or expanded
  • How much you have depends on age, sex, diet, exercise, stress, and other hormones.


  • The super stimulating hormone
  • 5% of testosterone ends up becoming the more potent DHT


  • The elastic hormone
  • Regulates hormones and controls cell growth

The external penile shaft will expand in length and width when the spongy tissues become very elastic due to the high level of DHT and PG. The expanding chambers in your penis will allow more blood to expand it further.

This will stimulate the penis into building new layers of cells over existing layers to form a muscular, larger penis. Your cardiovascular capacity will limit the effects that penis enlargement has on your penis size. This is why you can’t grow from 6 inches to 12 inches.

Penis Enlargement Practice Step-by-Step

The end goal for penis enlargement practice is to have high quality erections that can get larger on demand and control ejaculation.  Here is how you get there…

  1. Massage the shaft and the base of the penis for five seconds each to accelerate the metabolism of testosterone, DHT and HGH.
  2. Maintain an erection for at least 20 minutes to fill your penis with enough testosterone, HGH and prostaglandin E1 for expansion. The engorged genitals will continue to pump fresh blood to the spongy tissue for growth. When combined with an increase in testosterone, the nutrients will increase length and girth.
  3. Contract your anus while inhaling. During the 20 minutes you maintain an erection, you will want to perform these breathing techniques to activate growth factors and hormones inside the spongy tissue.

The practice of staying in the Heat stage of erection includes doing as many of the other natural/lifestyle testosterone enhancement recommendations as possible.




Penis Enlargement Control Through Masturbation

How you push blood into your penis is something you will have to practice to be able to do it on command. As I said before it can be done with masturbation or while having sex. penis_enlargeWhile you are hard, focus on moving more blood into your penis.

It is sort of like trying to curl a really heavy weight and you have to focus on one body part. While masturbating you can control getting to the edge of ejaculation and not releasing.

Even if you lose control and ejaculate you can see what your largest size feels like at that time. You should practice for 20 minutes. When you have control you should be able to hold Heat for roughly 10 to 20 seconds and go back into it within 10 to 20 seconds.

Expansion and nourishment allows the body to generate the cells, veins and skin needed to grow bigger. How long it takes to get to your largest size depends on your level of health.

Part of practice is taking notes because you want to remember what you ate or drank and how your rest and exercise was. These all play into testosterone production and how much larger you can get.

For Enhanced Results:

Performing the technique on a regular basis will expand the spongy tissue, and when combined with these techniques and solutions, you will see improved growth.

Penis Enlargement Practice Is Worth It

As you can see penis enlargement is both easy and hard. Having sex and masturbating to get to your largest size is the fun part. Changing your lifestyle to increase your testosterone requires more focus. I recommend African Fly as a natural liquid supplement to increase your testosterone levels without negative side effects. It is basically liquid testosterone food and has been helping me from age 25 to 43. shares techniques, research and stories like…. Age 25

  • The first night with African Fly and my girlfriend and I were giving each other high fives. After a couple of weeks my penis was noticeably larger.

Age 41

  • There was a girl in college I met when I was 22. We met again when I was 40. She kept commenting and complimenting me on my size. When I mentioned she didn’t say that when we first met she said that there was a serious difference in size. And I needed to take it slow with her…but she wanted more.

Being bigger is definitely a confidence booster…and worth it.