Sexual stamina will turn you into a sex god

Premature Ejaculation Control Tips

“Hey, just so you know: it’s NOT that common, it DOESN’T happen to every guy, and it IS a big deal!” – Jennifer Aniston Taking Control of Premature Ejaculations I understand the problems guys face when dealing with premature ejaculation. Sometimes the embarrassment of a “quick” performance can cause so much stress that we stop…

Sexual stamina for day and night

Sexual Stamina Workouts With African Fly

Sexual Stamina Workouts With African Fly Most guys fondly remember that sexual performance that had you thinking to yourself, “Damn I’m good” right in the middle of it.  And of course, most guys try to forget the time that it sucked…and not in a good way. The times that you remember being a “Sex God”…


Unleash Your Sex Chemicals

Testosterone Isn’t The Only Sex Chemical In Your Body Why Sex Is Better Than Tylenol Right before I was about to move out of my parents basement and into my first apartment, I got what was called a “back cold”.  It didn’t matter what you called it, I just knew I could barely stand or…