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Do You Stretch Before Sex?

Do You Stretch Before Sex? Sex can be a cure all for what ails you…temporarily. Years ago I had what could only be diagnosed as a back cold. Basically my lower back was locked up to the point that I could not walk let alone stand up. (I will tell you what the full remedy…


How To Jump Start Healing Impotence

How To Jump Start Healing Impotence   Healing impotence…and I want you to pay attention to my word selection right there. I said healing not curing. Curing is basically I give you some magical pill. You take it and you never have an issue with impotence. That doesn’t exist. Healing impotence means you now know what…

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What They Don’t Tell You About Impotence and Viagra

What They Don’t Tell You About Impotence and Viagra So first I to just go over a quick history of Viagra and where it came from. It was invented for Pfizer. Basically they were looking for a cure for angina. They were just, it was all about heart disease. So finally, in 1989 is when…


How to Eat for a Remarkable Sex Life

Eat Better & Make Love Longer Sex, a topic that is constantly on everyone’s mind. And truth be told, no one wants to be the one-minute man in bed. When it comes to sex, every male wants to be the Alpha, and every woman wants to be outstanding as well. What most people don’t know…

the Sexual Performance Scale will let you know just how African Fly will work for you

Sexual Performance Scale

Sexual Performance Scale Does African Fly Work? The number 1 question we get is “Does African Fly work?”  What that really means is will African Fly work for me?  The answer is yes…but How quickly?  How long will the effects last?   Are you looking to increase stamina, libido, erection strength, size?  We have thousands of clients all over…


10 False Ideas About Sex Generated by Porn

10 False Ideas About Sex Generated by Porn Porn is much more insidious than one might imagine. Sometimes when you watch it, it seems like you’ve been doing something wrong all your life. However, the magic of cinema, even of a low genre, is charming and false at the same time. It’s not as simple…


Facts about the Male Libido

Our culture has blessed women with many different exotic qualities, secret knowledge, and hidden depths that are actually quite explainable. A woman’s libido can be difficult to manage and turn on and off, but a man’s is a completely different story. With a man it seems as though it is turned off and on with…


Top 3 Things Not To Do Before Making Love

Top 3 Things Not To Do Before Making Love Talking to and answering e-mails from people about their sex lives everyday we hear it all the time… “Everything was going great and in the middle of having sex I lost my erection.” “I was really looking forward to making love and then just didn’t feel…


Libido Improvement Techniques

7 Libido Boosting Power Tips If you are concerned about your or your loved ones libido (or both of your libidos for that matter), I am going to break down what it really is, how it works and what you can do to improve it as quickly as possible.  That way you can use the…