4 Things You Should Not Do Before Sex

 Wining, Dining & Sexual Performance I want to give you some quick information so you understand exactly what you shouldn’t be doing before having sex. I got a call from my guy out in Seattle Washington and he was saying how he loved African Fly but sometimes he wasn’t having…

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the Sexual Performance Scale will let you know just how African Fly will work for you

Sexual Performance Scale

Sexual Performance Scale Does African Fly Work? The number 1 question we get is “Does African Fly work?”  What that really means is will African Fly work for me?  The answer is yes…but How quickly?  How long will the effects last?   Are you looking to increase stamina, libido, erection strength, size?  We have…

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10 False Ideas About Sex Generated by Porn

10 False Ideas About Sex Generated by Porn Porn is much more insidious than one might imagine. Sometimes when you watch it, it seems like you’ve been doing something wrong all your life. However, the magic of cinema, even of a low genre, is charming and false at the same…

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How to Make Girls Run After You

How to Make Girls Run After You There is nothing to hide, you also reflect on how to make any girl like you. You might think that you need to have a Ferrari in the garage for that, and you will be right but only in part. Having money, you…

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How To Turn Wine Into An Aphrodisiac

How To Turn Wine Into An Aphrodisiac With An Aphrodisiac Tincture So how do you turn wine into an aphrodisiac?  Add an herbal aphrodisiac tincture.  That simple.  Sort of. Herbal tinctures are like a liquid concentrated super healthy salad.  Herbs are strained with alcohol through cheesecloth and sit for 2…

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Meat consumption does affect your sexual performance

What Causes Impotence?

What Causes Impotence? Contrary to previous belief, the majority of impotence cases have physical causes. In fact over 80% of all cases are due to physical factors. Less than 20% of impotence cases are due to psychological factors. The main cause of impotence is poor blood supply to the penis. However,…

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Erectile Dysfunction

African Fly Helps with Erectile Dysfunction African Fly helps you overcome impotence in two major ways. First and foremost, the African Fly formula improves blood supply to the penis. Secondly, the formula increases testosterone availability within the body, and thereby improves sexual response. Blood Supply As you now know, most…

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Low Libido & What You Can Do About It

Low Libido & What You Can Do About It Loss of libido can have a variety of causes, some psychological (mind/emotions), some physical. Physical Causes Low sexual desire, especially in older men and women, can be caused by a low level of certain hormones which are necessary in human arousal.…

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impotence issues

How To Deal With Premature Ejaculation

What is Premature Ejaculation? Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual problems. The condition is most often described as being an inability to delay ejaculation to a point when it is mutually desirable for both partners. The definition of when ejaculation is premature is subjective. While some men…

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Preventing Prostate Cancer With Sex

  Preventing Prostate Cancer With Sex New research into prostate cancer and sex, particularly in the number of times a man ejaculates, has created some startling findings. It is possible that certain men with a higher frequency of ejaculation may avoid prostate cancer. Frequent ejaculation, whether it happens during sexual…

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Measuring Your Health by Your Erections

When the Penis is Hard, Life is Good When hardness diminishes, so does a man’s health and his innate sense of who he is. No matter how talented a man may feel he is in bed, he defines his sex by his erection, by its strength and hardness. The harder…

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Prescription drugs can mess up your sex life

When Your Sex Life Is On Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs are vital to maintaining health for many people. But what happens when they start affecting life in the bedroom? Here’s what you should watch for—and ways to circumvent the temporary side effects. Joe S., a 50-year-old accountant, takes a prescription medication for his high blood pressure. Jane L.,…

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